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14-15 July, 2016


About Relate Live

At Relate Live Sydney we’re building a community of leaders—in customer service, experience, and engagement. Whether your role is in strategy or execution, you’ll find Relate Live is a place to explore the complicated relationships we have with customers, with companies, and with each other.

Relate Live is for individuals and teams who are passionate about the customer experience. People who believe that building better customer relationships will set your organisation apart from competitors.

At Relate Live you’ll take part in networking, interactive presentations, and workshops that examine the influencers of human relationships such as empathy, customer experience, and the science of satisfaction. And yes, there is an open bar.

Join this vibrant crowd of customer service and engagement professionals on July 14th and 15th
to learn what it takes to truly Relate.







Relate Sydney Agenda





  • 8:00AM-9:00AM



    Keynotes and opening sessions

    Opening remarks
    Sarah Stealey Reed, Editor of Relate


    The New Era of Customer Relationships
    Mikkel Svane, CEO, Zendesk

    Business models, consumer expectations, and technologies are evolving. The best brands are moving from transaction based to life-cycle engagements with their customers. Mikkel Svane explores how this transformation is reshaping the future of customer service and engagement, and what you can do to build customer trust, loyalty, and evangelism for the long haul. Joining Mikkel will be Andy Lark, Chief Marketing and Business Officer at Xero.

    A Candid Conversation around Conscious Consumerism
    Bec Scott, CEO and Founder of Streat


    Employees Are The New Customer
    Naomi Simson, Founder and Director, RedBalloon

    It’s not enough to create a great customer experience; your employees need to love and experience your brand too. Why? Because a brand cannot be successful without its people—to create, shape, and deliver on what the brand stands for. Naomi understands how to create a focused and engaged workforce, one which exudes its ‘love’ and commitment to the organisation and its customers. She explains how to form brand connection with employees, how to create a culture of recognition, and why to be authentic and transparent leaders.


    How Australian Brands Make Their Customers Feel
    Ryan Hart, Principal Analyst for Customer Experience, Forrester Research

    Human conditions are very real and influential. And the customer experience (CX) leaders that understand customer emotions will distance themselves further from the laggards. By utilising data from the 2015 CX Index, Ryan looks at how Australian CX leaders and laggards make their customers feel. He’ll demonstrate how brands use emotions to win, serve, and retain customers, and which emotions have the greatest impact on customer loyalty and revenue.


    The 3 E’s of CX Panel Discussion
    Moderated by Ryan Hart, Principal Analyst for Customer Experience, Forrester Research; with Adam Rudy, General Manager of Customer Experience, The Catch Group; Tony Gruebner, General Manager, SportsBet; Mark Capps, Regional Manager Community Operations, Uber

    Forrester recently identified the Three Dimensions of Customer Experience—the things that most influence customer loyalty. Ryan sits down with three companies to hear how they are surpassing other Australian brands by delivering on Ease, Effectiveness, and Emotion.




    Breakout Sessions

    NPS: Are you doing it wrong?
    Lori Gauthier, Ph.D, Director of Marketing Research, Zendesk

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the most frequently used—and misused—feedback tool employed today. Yet, NPS data, when mined effectively, can help organizations reduce churn, increase successful upselling, and spur organic growth. Join this session to learn a few simple strategies for getting the most out of your NPS data. Lori will explain how to use NPS ratings and free-form comments to identify customers who are most likely to churn, have the most easily remedied problems, or will be the most responsive to revenue generating efforts—information crucial to building long-lasting, valuable relationships.

    Keeping it cool in a crisis
    Dave Dyson, Sr. Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk

    Keeping a cool head in a crisis isn’t just a good trait, it’s absolutely essential when things go wrong and your customers are expecting you to be the hero. Learn how to act fast, say the right things on the right channels, and deliver a solution quickly. In this session, you’ll learn best practices for managing customer satisfaction in a crisis— including the need to be responsive and transparent.

    Listening closely in the subscription economy: a transformation story—Case Study: FairFax Media Ltd
    Andrew Porter, Director of Customer & Subscriptions APM, Fairfax Media

    Imagine having a -30 NPS score, growing costs and declining revenues. That’s where Fairfax Media found themselves two years ago. But by using tools to put the customer at the centre of their strategy, they’ve rebuilt their business into a powerhouse of the subscription economy.

    Fairfax turned around customer perceptions by keeping the customer at the centre of everything they do. With a restructured customer service team, new products and renewed customer value proposition, the focus is now on continuous customer feedback with NPS and CSAT. By simply listening closely, their business is now poised to scale and remain competitive.

    Enabling productivity and people in a digital world—Case Study: REA Group
    Damian Fasciani Head of Enterprise Technology: Enterprise, REA Group

    In our increasingly digital world, we need to harness the power of people differently. The right use of technology, agility, cloud strategy, and employee structure can enable your people, increase productivity, and allow your business to really grow.

    REA Group shares real-life examples of enabling people in our super-charged digital world.

    Rise of the Conscious Consumer
    Tiffany Apczynski, VP Public Policy and Social Impact, Zendesk

    Globally, 91% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. Many customers believe businesses must go beyond the bottom line to make the world a better place. The rise of the conscious consumer and its impact on customer service cannot be ignored. Customer service is the front line for building trust with customers, and CSR is how today's customers build trust in an organization. Which is why CSR and CRM can no longer operate apart. When these two methodologies are brought together formerly transactional relationships can instead become transformational.

    The importance of Brand in creating fans—Case Study: Cotton On Group
    Col Kennedy, Global Head of Marketing and E-commerce, Cotton On Group

    It’s no longer enough to just have a great product, good marketing, or a cool website. It’s no longer enough to just have customers. You need fans. And to get fans you need a brand that speaks to them.

    Fans think beyond a product or a company; fans want to feel connected to the brand and its community. So, what do customers want to know? How can you bring your stories to life? And how can you create a loyal and engaged legion of fans in this highly competitive promoter economy? Col explains what your brand can do for you.


    A Night of Better Conversations
    Sarah Darmody, faculty at The School of Life, prize-winning author, journalist, film critic

    Our lives are so often filled with superficial talk, from office chitchat to commentaries on last night's television. How can we have conversations that inspire us to think in new ways, that stimulate our curiosity, and prompt us to say things we've never said before? Sarah Darmody and A Night of Better Conversation will help you enjoy rich and memorable conversations about things that really matter in life.

    This is a chance to engage and take risks. Focusing on a particular theme from the Relate Live Sydney event, attendees will begin by learning a specific technique for better conversations and then be invited to practice with other people as we move into cocktails, music, and networking


    Relate Live After Party

    As day one of Relate Live comes to a close, let's celebrate in style with an open bar, fab food, and a special musical guest.

  • 8:00AM-9:00AM



    Zendesk Roadmap: Enabling better customer relationships
    Moderated by Gabriele Famous, VP of Product Marketing, Zendesk

    Grab breakfast and join us for a casual morning chat as our panel explores three trends in technology and customer support. We’ll address how Zendesk plans to develop features and product solutions to help you take advantage of shifts in Emerging Engagement Channels, Machine Learning, and the Customer-Centric Enterprise. And yes, there will be plenty of strong tea and coffee!


    Keynotes and opening sessions

    Opening remarks
    Sarah Reed, Editor of Relate


    Humanising Your Tech keynote
    Danielle Di-Masi, Digital Communications Expert

    Technology completely surrounds us and is integrated into every relationship we have. It’s changed the way we communicate—with friends, family, customers, and companies. But in a world dominated by technology, we must never forget that there is a human on the other end of the device. And humans can only handle so much ‘noise’. Too much, too little, or the wrong kind of digital communication can make or break a relationship.

    The best companies know how to take control of the complex and intertwined world of technology and people, They know how to get the most from digital communication and understand what technology to adopt and when to ignore. Most of all, they know to humanise their tech.


    Humanising Your Tech Panel Discussion
    Moderated by Danielle Di-Masi, Digital Communications Expert; with Benjamin Mulligan, Marketing Manager, ANZ- Hootsuite; Jesse Desjardins, Global Manager of Social & Content, Tourism Australia; Haimee Code, Head of Customer Success, Small & Medium Business, ANZ, LinkedIn

    Danielle is joined by three innovative brands that understand that we are not in the midst of a technology revolution, we are at the cusp of a people movement. Learn how these companies are using technology to best represent their culture, create relationship moments, and get closer to their customers.


    Breakout Sessions

    Customer service is everyone’s job: empowering the organisation—Case Study: TAFE NSW(11:00AM-11:30AM)
    Brendon Walker, Head of Social, TAFE NSW

    Good customer service means having the right people, in the right channel, at the time. Increasingly that means being in platforms that the customer dictates, and at times that serve them best. But good customer service isn’t limited to only the customer care team. It’s up to the entire organisation.

    Every person in the organisation needs to embody the "drop everything and help" culture when it comes to serving customers and solving their problems. Learn how to communicate and engage with staff and executives to bring the customer’s best interests to the fore. And in turn, help your organisation rock at pleasing the people you serve.

    What Your Customers Really Think About You
    Lori Gauthier, Ph.D., Director of Marketing Research, Zendesk

    In this workshop, you’ll learn how to design survey questions that reveal what people are really thinking. Attendees will leave the workshop with two surveys that quickly and accurately measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer effort (CES) -- surveys that can be used by any organization whether they serve customers, employees, students, volunteers, vendors, or the general public. Lori will review the key do's and don'ts of designing methodologically sound surveys, helping you avoid data-destroying random error and bias and get to the answers you need. Better data. Better relationships.

    Designing for customers and the future—Case Study: NSW Department of Education (11:30AM -12:00PM)
    Peter Buckmaster, Director, Digital Services, Communication and Engagement Directorate

    Organisations have always been challenged by changes in customer behaviour and preferences. But today, more than ever, technology is radically changing how companies and customers communicate. Our physical and digital methods of communication are increasingly intertwined, and there is a greater need for omnichannel brand outreach. And even when a brand wants to keep up, the resources and investment may not be there.

    There is hope—human-centered service design. By designing consistent and integrated customer experiences now, organisations can better understand where customer behaviours will be in the future.




    Breakout Sessions

    From Transactions to Relationships; from sales to service
    Matt Price, SVP Emerging Business and Dave Dyson, Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk

    A company’s success is bigger than just the number of customer transactions. It requires a relationship approach to attract, convert, and retain the right type of customers. It also means businesses must blur the lines of their internal relationships—marketing, sales, and customer service.

    Key stakeholders will discuss how their partnerships have increased ROI, improved sales conversion, and created better customer loyalty.

    The customer journey mapping workshop
    Paul Bichsel, Director of Customer Success and Adam Clark, RVP Sales ANZ, Zendesk; Michael Mattern, COO and Jade Mulley Head of Customer Operations from The Iconic; and Tony Grueber, General Manager Operations, SportsBet

    If customer loyalty is one of your strategic metrics, think about how hard you make customers work. This 60-minute workshop will provide you with the tools to evaluate–and then minimise—your customers’ effort. Hear real life examples from The Iconic and SportsBet and learn how innovative companies approach their own Customer Journey.


    Modern Relationships: Machines and the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships
    Gabriele Famous, VP of Product Marketing and Brett Adams, Head of Engineering and Managing Director ANZ, Zendesk

    Predictive analytics and machine learning models are the next steps in managing customer satisfaction. In this talk, you’ll learn how these innovative technologies will help businesses predict customer happiness and improve relationships with their customers.


    The art of memory in forming relationships
    Daniel Kilov, Memory Athlete

    It has always been true that effective communication forms the foundation of our personal and professional relationships. But in the modern world, communication becomes even more imperative as we develop more relationships with less time.

    While this is a modern challenge, the solution comes to us from a 2500-year-old traditional form of mental training—the Art of Memory. Daniel demonstrates Art of Memory techniques that can not only help us keep up with people's names and their ideas, it will strengthen our relationship with them. Memory also helps us communicate our own messages in a way that makes them unforgettable.


    Final thoughts
    Sarah Reed, Editor of Relate

Why you should attend

Relate Live is designed for those who believe better relationships should be a driving force in business–whether it's building a customer-centric culture, creating a unique customer care approach, or using data to drive a better customer experience.

Our typical attendees wear name tags with the following titles: VP/Head of Customer Experience, Director of Customer Engagement, Director of Customer Service, CTO, CIO, Marketing Director, Customer Engagement Manager, Customer Service Manager, Social Media Manager, Captain of Happiness.

Interested in attending but need to convince the powers that be?

We've created an easy-peasy template–just fill in the highlighted portions. This letter outlines the value of attending Relate Live—not only to you as a customer experience professional, but to your entire organisation. Zendesk Customer Template, Customer Service/Experience Professional Template


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