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The 5 most amazing BuzzFeed customer support messages of all time

BuzzFeed’s community is loud and proud, averaging 6,000+ comments a day on its website and Facebook page. Additionally, an average of 113 additional messages are sent in to BuzzFeed daily through the editorial feedback form on its content page. These messages are from extra-motivated readers who share anything from constructive criticism to heart-touching stories about how BuzzFeed has changed their lives. It’s flat out amazing to BuzzFeed that readers spend effort to write personal messages—and BuzzFeed is adamant about returning the gesture.

“We have one of the best commenting cultures on the Internet, and not responding doesn't feel like BuzzFeed's culture,” says Rachel Brandt, Senior Support Specialist at BuzzFeed. “We’re very interactive, we're all accessible. That's something we as a company pride ourselves on. It's something that we strive for because we have such a great, active community.”

Each piece of editorial feedback gets a response from a BuzzFeed support agent within a few business days. That’s a lot of community engagement, so we wanted to find out more about their most memorable customer messages.

Five amazing BuzzFeed customer support messages

Readers love the direct interaction with BuzzFeed and BuzzFeed loves the meaningful conversations with readers. The most cherished tickets are those with stories about how BuzzFeed is impacting the lives of its community members. Those tickets go in a special pile and BuzzFeed’s support team shared a few with us.

1. BuzzFeed helped me find early stage breast cancer

While scrolling through “29 Things You Never Knew About Nipples,” a BuzzFeed reader stopped short at number 10 on the list—sudden inverted nipples, a lesser known sign of breast cancer. She’d noticed a similar change in her own body, so she quickly made a doctor’s appointment and within a week and a half was diagnosed with a very early stage 1 breast cancer. Thankfully, the tumor was removed before spreading to any other areas. In her comment, she wrote that the cancer had been too small to feel, but the article brought the small change to her attention.

2. One BuzzFeed video gave me hope while going blind

A BuzzFeed community member was inspired to write in after watching “How A Blind Man Sees With Sound.” He suffers from a disease called retinaschesis, the same disease as the man in the video, and wanted BuzzFeed to know the video gave him hope that he’ll be able to lead a fulfilling life despite the eventual loss of his sight.

3. I moved across the world and BuzzFeed was my companion

After moving from Vancouver all the way to Belize, one reader found that reading BuzzFeed helped the reader deal with being away from family and friends. After seven months in Belize, the reader sent a thank-you note, “You guys kept me sane the whole time. Now I’m heading home and wanted to say thanks to everyone from BuzzFeed. :}”

4. BuzzFeed Food helped my sister combat depression

Sometimes readers write in about their friends and family. One message about how BuzzFeed food “played a big role in improving my sister's life” really touched the support team’s heartstrings. The reader’s sister had been suffering from depression and spent the majority of her time in her room. All of the sudden, she began leaving her room to bake for her family. The reader was curious about where his sister was sourcing her recipes and found out the BuzzFeed food section had inspired her to hit the kitchen. She is now considered the “family baker, a title she proudly wears.”

5. BuzzFeed shone the spotlight on an invisible disability

A reader suffering from the chronic disease ankylosing spondylitis—a form of inflammatory arthritis—wrote in after watching a BuzzFeed video called, “Living with a Chronic Illness: Endometriosis.” Both conditions are what the reader refers to as “invisible disabilities.” They wrote, “I know I am not alone when I say that I would love to see more videos about living with a chronic illness, whether they be visible or invisible. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the dedicated men and women who spend their time making others smile, laugh, think, and reflect.”

So, next time you read a BuzzFeed article that changes your life—even if it’s just learning how to make microwave cake—send a message. They’ll be in touch soon.