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Fulfill your 2016 customer relationship goals

Long walks on the beach, chocolates in bed...loyal customers. We all have relationship goals—including those with our customers. Keep your connection to customers strong this year by: listening to their needs, being responsive, and showing them that you care. Otherwise, get ready for splitsville. 71% of customers say their typical response to a bad experience is to stop doing business with the company altogether. This infographic will help you reach your #customerrelationshipgoals in 2016.

Relate Customer Love infographic


A good friendship or romantic partnership takes work. The same goes for customer relationships. Today’s consumers are looking for brands with experiences that feel personalized and effortles and will last long beyond the transaction. Great customer service keeps your customer relationships strong. And it can keep the love (of your brand) alive.

Listen to their needs

Use customer data sources to understand your customers and give them what they want, when they want it, and through the channels they prefer.

Be responsive

Although many brands place emphasis on strengthening the customer experience, the real relationship gurus focus on responsiveness and speed.

Show them you care

Company-consumer relationships are a lot like dating: There are so many options to choose from. So, show customers what makes you the best catch.

Focus on treating your customers right in 2016 and watch the love grow.