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14-15 June, 2016


About Relate Live

Attracting and retaining customers is about building lasting relationships. As customer experience leaders, you take on the challenge of building these relationships and steering your organisations to deliver the service that sets you apart from your competitors.

At Relate Live we’re building a community of customer service and experience leaders. It’s a place to explore the complicated relationships we have with customers, with companies, and with each other. At Relate Live you’ll interact with other industry experts, customer service executives, and engagement leaders. All attendees will take part in interactive presentations and workshops that examine the influences on human relationships such as empathy, customer experience, and the science of satisfaction. And yes, there will be an open bar and opportunity to network with peers.

Join this vibrant crowd of customer service and engagement professionals
on June 14th and 15th to learn what it takes to truly Relate.







Relate London Agenda





  • 8:00AM-9:00AM



    Keynotes and opening sessions

    Opening remarks
    Sarah Stealey Reed, Editor of Relate


    The new era of customer relationships
    Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk

    Business models, consumer expectations, and technologies are evolving. The best brands are making the transition from transaction-based interactions to ongoing customer relationships. Mikkel Svane explores how this transformation is reshaping the future of customer service, and what you can do to build customer loyalty for the long haul. Joining Mikkel will be William Shu, Co-founder and CEO of Deliveroo.


    The Future of Retail and the New Customer Experience
    Mary Portas, Writer, TV personality, authority on retail and brand communication, the “Queen of Shops”

    It’s no longer enough to meet your​ customers in just one place—whether it be online or in a bricks and mortar store. By 2020, customer experience will be the key brand differentiator. Brands need to rethink their strategy today, in order to entice customers and keep them coming back tomorrow. ​Join ​retail guru, Mary Portas, in a candid interview where she dishes on the brands that are succeeding and the ones that are struggling to keep up. Mary’s insight touches on the trends that are driving new customer experiences—in retail and all industries.​


    Building a Brand Around Relationships
    Huib van Bockel, Social marketer, author, founder of TENZING

    Within a single decade, the media landscape has fundamentally changed, and with it the way people interact with each other and with brands. Social media has emerged from its infancy—but have we, the brands and businesses, fundamentally changed our behavior?

    In today’s social era, it’s not about being ON social media, it is about BEING social. You must cut through the endless clutter and avoid the ad-blocking trends—do something for people that they will truly appreciate, something they will seek out, and share with others. They only to get people to listen to your brand is if they WANT to listen.

    Building off his experience as Head of Marketing for Red Bull UK, Huib van Bockel explores the move from traditional marketing to relationship builder.




    Breakout Sessions

    Building a global company culture from Day One
    Brynne Herbert, Founder and CEO, MOVE Guides

    We all have to think like a global company. Having one office in one city still means there are global customers, partners and suppliers. And one office today, may mean 50 tomorrow. So it’s best to build a culture that scales. As many CEOs and founders would agree, global scalability isn’t easy. It’s not easy on the company, and certainly not on its people.

    As an employee relocation company, MOVE Guides had no choice but to build a global company from day one with dual headquarters in London and San Francisco. But how did their CEO Brynne do it? With a framework that MOVE Guides calls the 3C’s for a global company: Commitment, Culture and Communication.

    From transactions to relationships; from sales to service
    Matt Price, SVP Emerging Business and Dave Dyson, Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk

    A company’s success is bigger than just the number of customer transactions. It requires a relationship approach to attract, convert, and retain the right type of customers. It also means businesses must blur the lines of their internal relationships—marketing, sales, and customer service.

    Key stakeholders will discuss how their partnerships have increased ROI, improved sales conversion, and created better customer loyalty.

    Empathy mapping to inform your customer service strategy
    Tracy Playle, CEO of Pickle Jar Communications and Anne Raimondi, SVP Marketing and Customer Operations, Zendesk

    Does empathy play a part in your customer service strategy? If not, it should. Research shows that empathy improves relationships, helps us innovate, and makes us better problem-solvers. Empathy also ensures that all parties in the relationship—customers and frontline agents alike, are involved and aligned in the customer service strategy.

    Join Tracy and Anne as they show how empathy mapping allows for better listening and opens up opportunity to address what really matters to customers and agents.

    Rise of the Conscious Consumer
    Tiffany Apczynski, VP of Public Affairs and Social Impact, Zendesk

    Globally, 91% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. Many customers believe businesses must go beyond the bottom line to make the world a better place. The rise of the conscious consumer and its impact on customer service cannot be ignored. CSR builds trust with customers and CSR trains empathy with employees. It is how successful companies can build an empathetic customer culture and make what have been transactional relationships into transformational ones instead.

    Much ado about the future of customer service
    Dominic Pasta, Senior Global Project Manager, Groupon and Gabriele Famous, VP of Product Marketing, Zendesk

    As customer expectations continue to change, so do modern customer service organizations. It can be overwhelming, as there is much ado and much ‘to do’ with people, channels, and technology.

    Just how will customer interactions evolve in the coming years? Gabriele from Zendesk hones in on three key trends in technology and customer support that not only appeal to your customers, but ensure your internal operations keep pace. Dominic from Groupon shares how with the help of some cool new technology they’ve broken away from traditional processes, delivered smarter agent tools, and created a better customer-agent relationship.

    What Your Customers Really Think About You (Part 1)
    Lori Gauthier, Ph.D., Director of Marketing Research, Zendesk

    In this two-session workshop, you’ll learn how to create survey questions that deliver insightful responses and inspire measurable actions. Each attendee will leave the workshop with two surveys that quickly and accurately measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer effort (CES) -- two surveys that can be used by any organization whether they serve customers, employees, students, volunteers, vendors, or the general public. During the first session, Lori will review the key do's and don'ts of designing methodologically sound surveys. You'll learn how to accurately define and measure what you really want to measure while avoiding data-destroying random error and bias.

    Voluntary transparency and the conscious consumer
    Jessi Baker, CEO,, and Tiffany Apczynski, VP of Public Policy and Social Impact, Zendesk

    More and more consumers want to know where products are made and that they are being produced morally and ethically. That transparency can be a hard transition for many brands. But by using the right technology, voluntary supply chain transparency helps you tell a bigger story about conscious consumerism—one that can elevate into a brand strategy.

    The Emerging Alliance of Design and Customer Service
    Ryan Donohue, VP of Global Design, Zendesk

    According to Gartner, by 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% four years ago. In this talk, Ryan Donahue, VP of Global Design at Zendesk, argues that the future of design organizations and customer support organizations will become increasingly interconnected within the modern business and that designers and support professionals will become powerful allies on the front lines of customer experience innovation.

    What Your Customers Really Think About You (Part 2)
    Lori Gauthier, Ph.D., Director of Marketing Research, Zendesk

    During the second session of the workshop, you'll get the chance to put your newfound surveying knowledge to work. Attendees will break out into small groups and, with Lori's guidance, critique and create CSAT and CES survey questions. These same activities can then be used again wherever and whenever you're in need of a sound survey measurement of nearly any topic.


    Using Trust as a Framework to Greatness
    Simon Hale, Grammy and Bafta-winning musician and composer

    Without trust, the relationship between a company and its customers will fail. The same can be said about the relationship between collaborating musicians. The magic happens when artists trust each other, have shared goals, and a spirit of openness. Simon Hale, draws from his experience working with artists such as Sam Smith and Bjork, sharing the process and talking about the results. You’ll see how establishing trust and a framework for success can allow individual personalities to combine to deliver greatness, no matter what the music (or the business).


    Relate Live After Party

    As day one of Relate Live comes to a close, let's celebrate in style.

  • 8:00AM-9:00AM



    Zendesk Roadmap: Enabling better customer relationships
    Moderated by Gabriele Famous, VP of Product Marketing; with David Williams, VP of Product Enterprise; and Jason Maynard, Zendesk

    Grab breakfast and join us for a casual morning chat as our panel explores three trends in technology and customer support. We’ll address how Zendesk plans to develop features and product solutions to help you take advantage of shifts in Emerging Engagement Channels, Machine Learning, and the Customer-Centric Enterprise. And yes, there will be plenty of strong tea and coffee!


    Keynotes and opening sessions

    Opening remarks
    Sarah Reed, Editor of Relate


    The Empathy Revolution in Business
    Belinda Parmar, OBE, CEO & Founder of Lady Geek and Chris White, hostage negotiator

    The traditional corporate culture values of hierarchy and status are outdated. Those businesses with an empathy deficit need to learn how to survive in a world where employees and customers demand empathy. This talk is based on Belinda’s second book: The Empathy Era and gives practical examples for both men and women who want to create a more empathic environment. Belinda will be joined by Chris White, a hostage negotiator, who will give examples of empathy in conflict, where empathy is really tested, and when to truly demonstrate empathy—when you least feel like it.


    Did Twitter Save Bletchley Park?
    Dr. Sue Black, OBE, Award-winning computer scientist, radical thinker and passionate social entrepreneur

    After a visit to Bletchley Park in 2008, Dr. Black started a campaign to save the site. Using her network she quickly got coverage in traditional media: appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme and on the BBC News. It wasn’t until she started using Twitter, however, that the real positive changes and conscious consumerism started to happen. Social media connected like-minded people quickly, and ramped up the campaign, bringing together thousands of people to make a positive difference. Sue discusses traditional versus social media and campaigning, what works and why.


    Breakout Sessions

    How etiquette and customer relations impact the success of your business
    James Field, Training Manager, Debrett's Limited

    Customer experience is all the rage and is said to be driving Europe's most successful businesses. But customer experience starts from within. How should you and your brand be prepared to respond to today's consumers and the trends influencing their experience? With etiquette and better service, of course.

    Debrett's is known worldwide for their training on etiquette and professionalism, and here they demonstrate the impact to your customer relationships. Learn how communication, etiquette, and service will improve the customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

    The power of digital communities to influence customer experience and impact change
    Moderated by Dr. Sue Black; with Ian Cairns, Senior Product Manager, Twitter; and Anne Raimondi, SVP Marketing and Customer Operations, Zendesk

    There is great power in social and digital communities to pull people together around a common goal or change. Oftentimes this has a direct impact to service or a strong correlation to experience.

    Customers who band together on Facebook to encourage policy change and end up increasing a company's customer loyalty, or strangers who rally around a common cause over Twitter and make history, or employees who use an online community to impart change within an organization and raise employee engagement. There is great power in communities—but how can you best harness and use them?

    Keeping it cool in a crisis
    Dave Dyson, Sr. Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk

    Keeping a cool head in a crisis isn’t just a good trait, it’s absolutely essential when things go wrong and your customers are expecting you to be the hero. Learn how to act fast, say the right things on the right channels, and deliver a solution quickly. In this session, you’ll learn best practices for managing customer satisfaction in a crisis— including the need to be responsive and transparent.




    Breakout Sessions

    The customer journey mapping workshop (part 1)
    Customer Success Team, Zendesk

    If customer loyalty is one of your strategic metrics, think about how hard you make customers work. This 80-minute hands-on workshop will provide you with the tools to evaluate–and then minimize– your customers’ effort. 2016 is all about the effortless experience.

    No Session

    Hey there, thanks for checking out Relate Live. This space is blank. But look to the right and left for fantastic sessions for you attend.

    Look inward: Your employees deserve great customer service, too
    Raphael Hewett, Benefits Marketing & Publicity Manager, John Lewis Partnership

    Most brands are on a continual quest to provide exceptional customer service. But many neglect their internal customers—their employees. Payroll systems are outdated, HR hours are 9-5, and benefits support is through inconvenient channels. Poor service does not lead to happy employees.

    The John Lewis Partnership believes employee happiness is the root of customer happiness. They know internal customers expect the same level of service as their external ones. Learn how their fast, proactive, and personal support is creating a legion of happy customers.

    The customer journey mapping workshop (part 2)
    Customer Success Team, Zendesk

    Part 2 of this 80-minute workshop about minimizing your customers’ effort and growing customer loyalty.

    How to be Radical: Business and Relationship Lessons from Living with Less
    Jonathan Munn, CEO & Co-founder, BoxedUp

    We are all overloaded by too much information, and too many things—all of which impact our relationships and our decisions—personally and in business. In January 2012, Jonathan gave up all his life possessions and started his new life with only 100 things. What he didn't realise is how a simple step would completely change his life forever. Jonathan will take you on his journey and share his insights into how to overcome your fears, and the value of starting and accountability.

    Customer Feedback for Good, not Evil
    Angela Guedes, Customer Success Manager, Typeform

    Customer feedback. We all say we want it, but it's not always great to hear or easy to deal with. Oftentimes positive feedback gets sent around, pasted on a wall, and then forgotten. Negative feedback is even easier to pass over. But don't. And don't ever use feedback to punish, cajole, or manipulate.

    Customer feedback is a gift that should be used for good, not evil. It's free insight on your product, intel on your support, and guidance for the future. Hear how Typeform communicates customer feedback internally to keep their product humming, their features useful, and their company on target.


    Modern Relationships: Machines and the pursuit of meaningful customer relationships
    Adrian McDermott, SVP of Technology and Jason Maynard, Director of Data and Analytics at Zendesk

    Predictive analytics and machine learning models are the next steps in managing customer satisfaction. In this talk, you’ll learn how these innovative technologies will help businesses predict customer happiness and improve relationships with their customers.


    Final Thoughts
    Sarah Reed, Editor of Relate


    Thinking Fast - a crash course in improv for business
    Hoopla Improv School

    In business and life, things don't always go to plan. Sometimes you are forced to think on your feet, make important decisions in the moment, and get creative. Improv teaches all of these skills. From becoming a better listener to overcoming the fear of public speaking, improv is being used in businesses across the globe as a new leadership tool. The most innovative companies use improv to improve business thinking and customer relationships. Hoopla will deliver a crash course on improv basics for business as well as get you involved in a few exercises. No worries about getting on stage, you can do the exercises from the safety of your seat.

Thursday, June 16th

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Why you should attend

Relate Live is designed for those who believe better relationships should be a driving force in business–whether it's building a customer-centric culture, creating a unique customer care approach, or using data to better understand your customers and drive a better customer experience.

Our typical attendees wear name tags with the following titles: VP/Head of Customer Experience, Director of Customer Engagement, Director of Customer Service, CTO, CIO, Marketing Director, Customer Engagement Manager, Customer Service Manager, Social Media Manager, Captain of Happiness.

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