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Relate on paper

Stealey Reed
Chelsea Larsson

Relate by Zendesk can be found just about everywhere—online, at events, over the air, and on paper.

Here you'll find all of our broadsheets—each of them focused on a specific industry or customer experience area. But no matter your interest, you'll find something to guide you, intrigue you, or just to keep you busy. Enjoy.

Issue 2 | January 2017

Retail has always been about relationships. There’s the relationship between the brand and the customer, the employee and the customer, and the customer and the product. And intertwined through everything is customer service. Because no matter the changes in customer expectation or the evolution of technology, customer service still has the greatest impact on the customer experience—

In this issue:

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Issue 1 | November 2016

It wasn't long ago that we thought of ourselves as being in the call center business. From call centers to contact centers, from customer service to customer experience—our industry has evolved. But the thing is, we were never just in the call center business; we’ve always been in the people business—the relationship business. Now more than ever, the relationships we have with our customers, our competitors, our internal peer departments, our employees, and our leadership matter. What we do really matters.

In this issue:

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Special Issue: Zendesk Rebrand | October 2016

When Zendesk first started, our goal was pretty simple: Bring a sense of calm to the chaotic world of customer service. We like to think we've done a pretty good job of that. But we also like to do more. Allow us to introduce our new brand and the story behind those funny Relationshapes.

In this issue:

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