Relate Live SF keynotes

The live stream for Relate Live San Francisco has ended, but we've published a number of recorded keynote sessions here for your enjoyment. You can find the other recorded breakout sessions from this event and others published on the Relate Video page. Check back for updates.


None of us understand each other and what to do about it

Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D., Social Psychologist, Associate Director of Columbia University’s Motivation Science Center

Ever get the feeling that no one understands you? That you and your customers or colleagues are just talking past one another? You're not alone. With miscommunication as the biggest culprit of business acrimony, it’s no wonder that so many customer service interactions go awry. That’s why, in this talk, researcher, author, and blogger Heidi Grant Halvorson shares how we can get out of our own minds and make sure our message is heard. Using research from her latest book, Halvorson demonstrates the science of perception, so you’ll communicate more clearly, send the messages you intend, and improve your relationships. Even those tricky customer service ones.


Innovating through broken models

Tom Lee M.D., CEO, One Medical Group

The healthcare industry is enormous, broken and entrenched -- where breaking the mold isn’t easy. Tom Lee, CEO of One Medical focused first on improving the customer experience and ended up redefining what was possible. He talks about how improving customer relationships can turn your business into a category leader.


There are no strangers in business

Davy Rothbart, bestselling author, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, contributor to This American Life, and the editor/publisher of FOUND Magazine

Your next customer or business partner could be sitting next to you—you just don't know them yet. Davy Rothbart has made a career out of engaging with strangers on NPR's This American Life. His book, How Did You End Up Here? The Surprising Ways Our Questions Connect Us, explores how to approach and converse with anyone. In this master class, Davy will share his tricks for interviewing people and making connections. You’ll come away with improved listening, interviewing, and networking skills vital for business.


Making a fan in the moment of failure: Hearing your customers on social media

Veronica Belmont, TV and Online video host and producer, startup advisor, writer, and voice actor

Your customers are on social. You are on social. Sounds like a win-win. Why do so many brands fail at engaging with their customers on social media? Veronica Belmont examines common pitfalls of business on social, including: lack of empathy, being inauthentic, and being an a**hole. Her inspirational talk will leave you with tactics and tips you can immediately use to improve social media engagement.

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