Manage customer satisfaction in a crisis

Are you prepared to manage your customer relationships when a crisis occurs? Your site has gone down and your customers are in a panic. Their mission critical tasks are blocked. Your customers are unhappy with you, their customers are unhappy with them. How will you respond to their inquiries and complaints? How will you get through the crisis without frustrating or losing customers?

Dave Dyson, Sr. Customer Service Evangelist for Relate, breaks it all down in this entertaining talk from Relate Live San Francisco. Dave's talk was a big hit at our Relate Live events in San Francisco, London, and Sydney, and we've made the recording available here for everyone to learn from and enjoy (you might want to pull on your Star Trek tunic before you queue up the video). You’ll learn best practices for managing customer satisfaction in a crisis—including the importance of being responsive and transparent.


This session was recorded on May, 12, 2016 at Relate Live San Francisco. This version has been edited for length.

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