Achieve 100% CSAT with proactive customer support

If you're providing customer service for a SaaS app, you may want to sit up and listen to what BetterCloud has to say about how providing proactive chat support has resulted in 100% customer satisfaction ratings.

But CSAT is just one indicator of the effectiveness of their approach to proactive customer support. They've also seen a significant decrease in first reply time and resolution time, and more of their trialers are converting to customers.

Proactive chat support is an initiative that BetterCloud's CEO, David Politis, and Director of Technical Support, Michael Stone, began about a year ago and the results they've seen in that time have delighted both them and their customers.

How they do it is by actively monitoring their error logs, which allows them to reach out and resolve issues before their users have even had time to react. "We know exactly what the problem is before the customer comes to us," says Michael Stone.

In this Relate Live session, David and Michael share, for the first time outside their own company, the details of how they do it.

This session was recorded on May 12, 2016 at Relate Live San Francisco.


After you've watched the video, you can learn more about BetterCloud's approach to proactive support by reading Beyond Satisfactory: Why BetterCloud Introduced Proactive Support.

The Relate leadership guide Roll out live chat and provide proactive customer service provides best practices for deploying chat as one of your customer service channels.

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