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The end of tipping? Not quite. Here's your tipping guide.

Way back in the day, tipping felt simple. In order “to insure promptitude,” a little extra cash was exchanged. Today, determining when to tip, who to tip, and how much to tip, is less clear. It’s easy to ditch the tip when we’re caught without cash and to over-tip when gratuities are pre-set on modern payment platforms.

Increasingly, responsibility falls to the conscious (and confused) consumer to figure out which companies include their service charges, and which ones pad their margins with your goodwill. That said, Many American professionals still count on us to send some bread their way after lending a helping hand or providing great service. It’s a nice touch, and what’s more, U.S. economists suggest that tipping provides an essential human connection. So if you’re wandering around the U.S. and wondering when and who to tip, this infographic is the place to start.

Relate Tipping Guide infographic

Suzanne Barnecut is a content marketer for Zendesk and a frequent contributor to Relate. She is fascinated by technology, but a diehard reader of paper-made books and sender of snail mail. Find her on Twitter: @elisesuz.

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