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Share the #workmateluv every day

As the office fills up with flowers, chocolate, and balloons (can we stop with the balloons?), it's tempting to feel left out. The problem with Valentine's Day is that we don't all have a Valentine. But drop that sad thought. If you don't have a Valentine at home, so what? You most definitely have one at work.

That person who saves you a seat at happy hour. The coworker who shines a spotlight on you in meetings. That workmate who always makes coffee the way you like it. All of these people brighten your work day. Plus, your workmates are with you 40-50 hours a week. Now that's a committed relationship.

This Valentine's Day, give those special coworkers a dose of #workmateluv by sending them a card via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Remember, flowers die but the Internet is forever.

[Download and share the cards below by right clicking and saving.]

Relate cards Workmate Luv executive meetings

Hi-res download here

Relate cards Workmate Luv workspouse

Hi-res download here

Relate cards Workmate luv kids

Hi-res download here

Relate cards Workmate luv work blessing

Hi-res download here

Relate cards Workmate luv happy hour

Hi-res download here

Relate cards Workmate luv office coffee

Hi-res download here

Are you wildly popular at work? We've got you covered with extra #workluv cards here.

Chelsea Larsson is a content marketer for Zendesk and a frequent contributor to Relate. She believes any problem can be solved with a pen, paper, and Pimm's cup. Find her on Twitter: @ChelseaLarsson.