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Minivans to the rescue: parenting on the Relate podcast

Full disclosure: I am not a parent. But I do have friends that are parents, I work with parents, and I even have a couple of my own.

When I was a youngster (think peach fuzz for hair), my dad was known for toting me along to traditionally non-baby events: ultimate frisbee games, group dinners, work, the list goes on. The most epic of these adventures occurred shortly after Grateful Dead lead guitarist Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995. My dad had one responsibility that day—to take care of me, his child—so, he did what every logical human would do. Watch the celebration of life on television? Nope, too sane. He whipped out the stroller and took me up to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood, the hub of hippie counterculture in the city. My mother, you might guess, was not as amused by his decision.

I didn’t hear the “baby Sara in the Haight” story until years later. On my sixteenth birthday, my dad put together a slideshow with moments from my childhood. (From the parents I know, I hear that the scrapbooks and photo albums are made only for the first child. Needless to say, my younger sister did not get a video slideshow for her sixteenth.) Amongst the photos of toothless tots and frilly Halloween costumes was a video of my dad pushing a stroller down Haight street. He waved to people on the street, and you could hear the smile in his voice as he said, “look Sara, say hi!” Watching this video revealed a few things to me: (1) yes, my dad has always been embarrassing, (2) okay, maybe he is kind of a cool parent, and (3) this guy has a big heart and I appreciate him making these memories for me.

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Whether we’re parents or not, we all value their existence. I, for one, absolutely love hearing parenting stories from other people—you can experience the highs and lows, the smiles and tears, from just listening (no labor necessary!). That’s why we decided to dedicate our seventh podcast to stories about parenting. You might tear up hearing a woman describe her experience raising her two children from prison, smile imagining a squad of motorcyclists speeding through New York City to bring milk to premature babies, and laugh (audibly, on public transportation, if you’re like me) listening to comedian James Breakwell describe the perks of owning a minivan during the Zombie apocalypse (warning: apparently owning an eight-passenger van makes your offspring multiply).

The Relate podcast: a show about how we connect, work together, and understand one another. Basically, we'll explore every type of relationship except romance—that’s on you.

Sara Lighthall is a content marketer at Zendesk and a student of life. When she’s not demystifying the Millennial generation on Relate, you can find her with her toes in the sand and a latte in her hand. See what she’s up to on Twitter: @saralighthall.