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Music we relate to: volume 1—Relate Live

Next week we take Relate Live to London. Whilst the event is packed with conversations on customer experience trends, employee engagement, and better relationships— there are also moments to sit, reflect, and listen.

Here is what we listen to at Relate Live—some funk, some fab, Relate Live music is meant for a dinner party, a big celebration, or a quiet evening at home. There's something here to inspire any relationship. Enjoy.

Rebecca Fromm is a Marketing and Events professional in the Bay Area. She's been in the software industry for the better part of a decade, is a wanna-be-writer, lover of books and a highly amateur yoga practitioner. Find Rebecca on Twitter: @Rebecca_Fromm

Sarah Stealey Reed is the editor of Relate. When she's not wandering the world, she's a loud writer of customer experiences, contact centers, and optimistic relationships. Find her on Twitter: @stealeyreed.