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Missed out on Friends Day? We've got you.

Friends make life better. They are there at every happy hour, they help you move furniture, and they'll cry with you when The Bachelor ends. Friends are also pretty awesome to have around the office. And there is no better day to celebrate your friends than on #friendsday—a new hashtag holiday trending across social media. Whether at work or in your personal life, friends brighten things up. Show your appreciation:

  • Shower your friends with social accolades—"Look at how many times you appear in my #friendsday video! You’re the best."

  • Have flowers delivered. Yep, flowers are still a thing.

  • Turn your work friend into something more by wooing a work spouse.

  • Invite a pal to lunch.

Easier yet, send them one of these cool Friends Day cards. No postage required.

As Mark Zuckerberg says, “It’s all about the connections.” Happy Friends Day.

[Download the cards below by right clicking and saving. Share with your best pals via email, Twitter, and Facebook.]

Relate work mate happy hour card

Hi-res download here

Relate work mate coffee card

Hi-res download here

Relate work mate card

Hi-res download here

Relae work mate seriously awesome card

Hi-res download here

Relate work mate rule card

Hi-res download here

Relate work mate keyboard card

Hi-res download here

Chelsea Larsson is a content marketer for Zendesk and a frequent contributor to Relate. She believes any problem can be solved with a pen, paper, and Pimm's cup. Find her on Twitter: @ChelseaLarsson.

Sarah Stealey Reed is the editor of Relate. When she's not wandering the world, she's a loud writer of customer experiences, contact centers, and optimistic relationships. Find her on Twitter: @stealeyreed.