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Forgive, refocus, and connect: the Relate podcast

Spring provides a natural opportunity to look at life with a fresh perspective: the snow is melting, the rain is washing away the woes of winter, and we’re starting to see bits of green where we haven’t seen color in months. Things are changing. And change can be scary. Starting over… that can be even more daunting.

But incredible things happen when we approach life with a new lens. We refocus, we forgive, and we make new connections.

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Many times, these pivots are brought on by a life-altering event. On episode four of the Relate podcast, we hear the story of Pennsylvania physician, Michelle Rathgeb. Rathgeb always knew she was adopted, but never really gave her birth family a second thought. When her son was born, Rathgeb was hit by a newfound desire to connect with her roots, to discover where both she and her son came from. She didn’t necessarily find what she expected, but the connection she made changed her life forever.

Of course, you don’t need to search out your long-lost family to find a new beginning. The beauty of starting over is that it can happen at any age, at any life stage. Returning to work after raising our youngsters, quitting a job that isn’t right for us, moving across the country to explore somewhere new—we can all start over. That’s why the fourth episode of the Relate podcast is perfect for all ears. It’s filled to the brim with powerful stories about individuals who turned their life around and became someone better. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. You might even be inspired to start over yourself.

The Relate podcast: a show about how we connect, work together, and understand one another. Basically, we'll explore every type of relationship except romance—that’s on you.

Sara Lighthall is a content marketer at Zendesk and a student of life. When she’s not demystifying the Millennial generation on Relate, you can find her with her toes in the sand and a latte in her hand. See what she’s up to on Twitter: @saralighthall.