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  • 8:00am - 8:15am (PT) Minding the trust gap Watch Mikkel's session

    In Minding the Trust Gap, Zendesk's CEO Mikkel Svane will discuss why we're living in an age of unprecedented distrust.

    But as faith has eroded in institutions, new opportunities for building trust have emerged in the relationship between businesses and their customers. Innovations in technology, business models, customer experiences, and business culture are paving the way for a new age of trust—one where individuals matter more than institutions and customers actively define brands.
    Mikkel SvaneFounder & CEO, Zendesk
  • 8:15am - 9:00am (PT) Less fake news and more authenticity: how to build true customer relationships Watch Huib's session

    In this time of “fake news” and scepsis surrounding all major institutions (government, press, and business), building trust is more important than ever. And there is only one way to build trust; that is by doing something for somebody that he or she truly values. It's through giving, not taking. It's through actions, not words. You cannot talk your way out of something you have behaved yourself into. This goes for every single relationship, including that between businesses and customers.

    Through trust, authenticity, and shared values, marketing can create strong, loyal, and true customer relationships.
    Huib van BockelFounder of TENZING and former Head of Marketing, Red Bull
  • 9:00am - 9:50am (PT) What is the human answer to your tech? Watch Danielle's session

    Although we live in the most innovative era, it is also the most dynamic and potentially distracting one. We are constantly surrounded by technology; our customers are surrounded by technology. So how do we cut through all the “noise” online and create a digital customer experience that is as engaging and trustworthy as being face-to-face, no matter where our customers are in the world. It is about creating real relationships, a progressive customer experience, and using technology to bring people together, not further apart.

    Danielle will share ideas on how to authentically foster genuine human experiences and build customer relationships, online, offline and everywhere in between.
    Danielle Di-MasiMarketing & Digital Communications Strategist
  • 9:50am - 10:15am (PT) Lead from the center Watch David's session

    Great leaders are defined by their ability to gain trust. This central philosophy holds true for brands trying to design for customer loyalty or managers looking to inspire their team. But how do you build trust with customers, employees, and colleagues? What drives people to believe in you?

    Leadership expert David McQueen will share innovative stories and his three-step process on how you can "lead from the center" to build more authentic relationships.
    David McQueenLeadership Expert
  • 10:15am - 10:40am (PT) 3 powerful conversations managers must have to develop their people Watch Russ' session

    Our careers are a huge part of our lives; thinking about our goals and how to get there can greatly impact our success. Help your team grow in the direction of their dreams with Career Conversations from Candor, Inc. This process gives managers tools to approach career planning with their teams, and to help people grow relevantly. Learn what’s important to your employees, understand where they want to go, and work together to build the best possible plan of action—as well as a better, stronger relationship.
    Russ LarawayCo-Founder & COO at Candor, Inc.
    Take time to smell the CX: how to design for a human experience Watch Lucinda's session

    People want convenience, simplicity, and speed. But they also want meaningful connections. Let’s face it, sometimes speaking to a human being is preferable to a machine. How can organizations balance consumers’ dueling need for technology-supported efficiency and a desire for authentic human experiences? How do we design slower more authentic interactions that are worth having and waiting for? Lucinda Tay, emotional branding expert, will share expert insights on creating high-value customer experiences that move at the speed of life.
    Lucinda TayEmotional Branding Expert at Eight Inc.
    Bots in customer engagement: what’s hype, what’s reality? Watch Royston and Clara's session

    Find out how innovative companies are experimenting with bots and automating customer engagement flows. Learn from our bot partners about the challenges of building, deploying, getting success from using bots. Get pragmatic tips on how bots and human agents can work hand-in-hand to deliver the best experiences.

    Royston Tay, General Manager of Messaging at Zendesk and Clara de Soto, Co-founder
  • 10:40am - 11:00am (PT) Harness the power of emotions at work Watch Dr. Susan's session

    Akin to physical labor, professionals in roles like customer service frequently face the burden of emotional labor as they need to suppress their true emotions to serve others. To help you stay mentally clear and energized, Dr. Susan Bernstein will share a set of practices you can use to release work (and other) stresses more quickly and easily.
    Dr. Susan BernsteinExecutive Coach & Leadership Consultant
    How to transform your work team with bots Watch Veronica's session

    A recent study by Dan Ariely shows that employees preferred receiving recognition more than cash bonuses. But many times employee recognition happens most at HQ, leaving remote workers behind. Bot expert Veronica Belmont will share new research and success stories on how bots can be your secret weapon for growing employee productivity, satisfaction, and recognition for employees everywhere.
    Veronica BelmontProduct Manager at Growbot
    Making multichannel support simple and successful Watch Ryan and David's session

    Email. Phone. Chat. Messaging. Customers want to connect with companies over a variety of channels. And regardless of channel, they expect a seamless experience. We’ll cover: How to boost agent productivity through integrating new channels, how to improve customer satisfaction with more seamless support, how to set up new channels quickly with just a few clicks, and tips and tricks for support leaders to successfully manage multiple channels.

    Ryan Nichols, General Manager of Zendesk Talk and David Williams, VP & GM Support Products at Zendesk
  • 11:00am - 11:30am (PT) Designing customer experiences in the age of transformation Watch Magali's session

    Change wins because change is the constant. Today's consumers expect it, and want the new over the known. Brand loyalty as we've known it is dead, yet brands have more power and shoulder more responsibility than ever before. Change Consumers are deciding who to purchase with based on whose purpose and values they most align with, pressing us all to show up with integrity. In a culture of disruption, constant innovation, and even political upheaval, your business will live or die based on how well your employees can rally around your brand's identity and shared values, and be resilient in the face of change. Learn from Design Strategist Magali Charmot how to create a shared culture of authenticity, and to collaborate with technology to keep pace with change.
    Magali CharmotDesign Strategy Consultant
    Whose line is it anyway? The blurring lines between support, sales, and marketing Watch Ashta's session

    See how companies are blurring the traditional hard lines between their sales, marketing, and support functions to better serve their customers. See how companies like Spartan Race are able to integrate multiple platforms into one to offer a single customer experience that spans sales, support and marketing. See how tools like web chat can help your agents not just fix an issue, but complete a sale.
    Astha MalikVP, Platform and Product Marketing at Zendesk
    Make your support team more efficient with apps Watch Doug's session

    Zendesk’s powerful apps framework lets you bring apps—both public ones available in Zendesk’s Apps Marketplace and private apps that your team develops just for you—to help make your team more efficient. In this session, we’ll highlight a variety of public apps and strategies for using private apps that can help make your team more efficient. We’ll also cover the recently launched Chat Apps and how to use them to make your chat agents more efficient.
    Douglas HannaGeneral Manager, Developer Platform at Zendesk